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with the appropriate stars



Who we are

Why would I need Telescope?

It’s already crowded in here. Client, Agency, Artist, Manager. Precisely because it’s crowded.

How come?

When the interests of too many parties collide, you may get a brand being eclipsed by the star. A talent orbiting uselessly around brand values he doesn’t stand for. Or even a PR disaster.

So how can Telescope help?

By aligning the planets: client expectations, brand values, talent capabilities, we deliver:

Entertainment integrated
in brand strategy
Star/ talent brand
(music, video, etc.)
Event and location
content creation

Case studies


About the project:

Casting talented youth for an endorsement with Taco Bell and brand social media activations.


How did we help:

Talent coordination - from casting until the end of contractual duties:

- organizing the casting for selecting the best-suited talent for the campaign

- ensuring a smooth collaboration between all partied involved

- providing legal assistance.


Watch the campaign ad here: 

Neumarkt multi-annual endorsement

About the project:

Neumarkt launched an online platform for promotional purposes and a series of promotional materials.

The endorsements were renegotiated every year.


How did we help:

- talent scouting for selecting the best-suited talents for the campaign based on personality and public image 

- negotiation, contracting and providing legal assistance.


Have a look at one of the promo videos: Neumarkt. 

Vodafone Romania - 5G live hologram

About the project:

First live concert in the world integrating a hologram using 5G technology. 


How did we help?

- talent scouting in order to ensure a perfect fit with the overall strategy

- briefing & choosing the best song for the campaign

- budgeting and talent contract negotiation (3 months endorsement)

- providing consultancy on technical synchronization.


Pretty amazing result: Live Hologram.

International Mastercard endorsement

About the project:

At Mastercard’s invitation, Amber Galloway Gallego, the best translator of the mimic-gesture language in the world and her team got up on the main stages of 2 of the biggest music festivals in Romania and Ukraine to interpret music for the hearing-impaired participants. 

In terms of Electric Castle - Romania, this was not only a national premiere but also an international premiere, as the festival gathered the biggest crowd from this community at events of such kind.

The initiative included training programs - held by Amber - open to local sign language interpreters who were interested in building careers in music interpretation.


How did we help?

We were there from the very beginning, helping implement the initiative:

- providing consultancy in terms of the project flow and ensuring everything is going according to plan

- budgeting and contract negotiation

- reaching out to local deaf associations

- talent scouting, coordination, and on-site assistance 


Electric Castle interview here.

Kip Thorne in Bucharest

About the project:

Part of a series of Conferences bringing together international personalities who present in a unique manner current themes from domains such as leadership, education, sports, and innovation.

All with the purpose of improving the performance of the business environment in Romania and contributing to the personal development of those aiming for a managerial career. 


How did we help?

Non-intrusive brand endorsement and talent coordination for the "Science behind Interstellar" event featuring world-renowned scientist and international hero, Kip Thorne.

Two days of speech on the entanglement of science and entertainment in the context of the movie "Interstellar" for a private audience - including Magurele Institute and Romanian Academy. 


More info on the conference here: Kip Thorne in Bucharest.

LIDL - online cooking shows

About the project:

"Bucatar dupa ureche" is LIDL's first show, where stars were invited to cook following the indications of one of the best chefs in Romania.

The show summed up 12 episodes, 12 interviews, 12 trailers, millions of views, as well as hearts.

Due to its success, LIDL slightly adapted the concept and continued the show under the name of "Like in Bucatarie".


How did Telescope help?

Talent scouting, contracting and coordination:

- providing consultancy in terms of the best-suited talents for the show, taking into consideration their image, personality and media coverage

- providing legal assistance

- establishing a fair, market-based price for all parties involved

- ensuring a smooth collaboration between all parties involved


Have a look at one of the interviews: Interview

Scania - Live broadcasting

About the project:

Live event in Paris transmitted simultaneously to 6 different locations in Romania.


How did we help?

Telescope ensured the liaison between the different locations: performing artists and technical teams, helping achieve a real-time link and making sure everyone is following the script. In other words, acted as a director for a pre-defined scenario.


Have a look at the video's story: Scania video.

Vodafone - Raymond

About the project:

Casting a young talented singer for the chance to make a name in the music industry through an endorsement with Vodafone and brand social media activations.

Campaign results: 350K new page likes in 3 months, 20K interactions per post, over 50K views per video.


How did we help:

Talent coordination - everything from casting to signing him up with a music production company:

- organizing the casting for selecting the best-suited talent for the campaign

- ensuring a smooth collaboration between all partied involved

- talent coaching, including vocal and stage training 

- providing legal assistance.


Listen to the campaign song here: Raymond - Viata cum vreau eu 

How we do it?

A multi-disciplinary team: marketing, research, creative, project management, legal, finance. And the right contacts.