Matching brands
with the appropriate stars



Who we are

Why would I need Telescope?

It’s already crowded in here. Client, Agency, Artist, Manager. Precisely because it’s crowded.

How come?

When the interests of too many parties collide, you may get a brand being eclipsed by the star. A talent orbiting uselessly around brand values he doesn’t stand for. Or even a PR disaster.

So how can Telescope help?

By aligning the planets: client expectations, brand values, talent capabilities, we deliver:

Entertainment integrated
in brand strategy
Star/ talent brand
(music, video, etc.)
Event and location
content creation

Case studies

Lidl - Bucatar dupa ureche

Talent selection, contracting and management.

Scania - Live broadcasting

Live event in Paris transmitted to 6 different locations in Romania. Telescope provided real time link between the locations, scenario, director, performing artists and technical team.

Click for the video story: Scania video

Vodafone - Raymond

Artist casting, coaching, vocal and stage training, music production and management.

Endorsement with Vodafone and brand social media activation. 350.000 new page likes in 3 months, 20.000 interactions per post, 50.000+ views per video.


How we do it?

A multi-disciplinary team: marketing, research, creative, project management, legal, finance. And the right contacts.